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Welcome to the Ram Sales, Inc. Saw Blades page. Our bandsaw blade department is the core of Ram Sales' business. Ram Sales has been providing the highest quality, custom-welded bandsaw blades for all types of industry since 1975.

We made the decision early on that quality would never take a back seat to speed or volume. Fast service is important and we frequently get high marks for our order processing speed, but quality always comes first. We never compromise quality in order to expedite delivery schedules.

Our Blade Welding Center includes welding equipment capable of welding blades from 1/8" - 3-1/8" widths and we can currently produce up to 300 custom-welded blades per day.

Although state-of-the-art equipment is important, it's our people that really provide the quality. Our welding department is staffed by highly trained and experienced people, each of which has completed an extensive certification program. And each of our welders applies his signature label to his completed order, your assurance of quality.

In addition, our welding department is audited every month. Both the equipment and staff are checked to make sure that all procedures are being followed and the equipment is operating within acceptable parameters.

Of course all the quality in the world is only as good as the blades we are welding, so Ram welds only the best. Because no one manufacturer has the best of everything, Ram offers several lines of quality blades from both domestic and international blade manufacturers which are listed below.

Amada Cutting Technologies, a Japanese company, has its US headquarters in Schaumberg, IL and manufacturing plants in Japan, the U.S. and Austria. Amada offers a full line of production type bandsaws from 1" - 3-1/8" in width. In addition to conventional Matrix and M42 blades, Amada also offers a variety of specialty bimetal blades for cutting tough or exotic metals.

C4 Carbides located in Cambridge, England is a manufacturer of "carbide grit" type bandsaw blades which are used for cutting materials that can not be cut with conventional tooth type blades or for materials which quickly dull conventional blades. Green ceramics, fiber glass reinforced plastics and steel belted tires are a few examples of materials that can be cut more economically with C4 grit-edge bandsaws.

The M.K. Morse Company located in Canton, Ohio is a full line manufacturer of saw blades including carbon steel, bimetal, and carbide tipped bandsaw blades, hacksaw blades, reciprocating blades and metal-cutting circular blades.

Roentgen: Founded in 1899, Robert Roentgen  GmbH & Co is based in Remscheid, at the heart of the German cutting tool industry.  The Company pioneered the development and manufacture of metal cutting saw blades.  Today, after more than a century, ROENTGEN leads the industry in product and process development and has become one of the most respected manufacturers of bimetal and carbide tipped band saw blades world-wide.

Simonds International in operation since 1832 is a leading global manufacturer with plants in the United States, Canada, Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Simonds is a full line manufacturer of bandsaw blades, hacksaw blades, reciprocating blades, and circular saw blades for virtually all types of applications.

Simmons Engineering with facilities in Wheeling, IL and Santa Fe Springs, CA is a manufacturer of a wide variety of knife-edge bandsaws. Simmons blades are used for sawing a wide range of materials such as Foam, Leather, Textiles, Rubber, Food, Paperboard as well as many other unique materials.

Tsune-Seiki Co., Ltd of Toyama, Japan is a manufacturer of both sawing machines and circular blades. Tsune is the industry leader in the manufacture of high-speed carbide circular saws and blades.

Each of the manufacturers we represent has been selected for their unique products that when combined give Ram Sales one of the most complete offerings of bandsaw and circular saw blades available anywhere in the world.

Saws and Blades

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