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Welcome Dealers.

Ram Sales' unique position as a major supplier and weld-center for several brands of bandsaw blades allows us to offer our services to other dealers interested in supplying their customers with high quality custom-welded band saw blades.

In many cases we can provide custom-welded blades at pricing lower than many dealers can obtain through direct purchasing. In addition, our lead-times are often shorter than either the blade manufactures or their regional service centers.

Because we stock multiple lines of blades, we can offer dealers choices that they could only get by dealing with multiple blade manufacturers. And because we are saw and blade specialists, our customer service people can offer assistance in choosing the correct blade type and tooth-pitch for each of your customer's applications.

Ram Sales can provide your company with an additional profit-center without you having to make the investment in building or equipment or having to provide your people with the long and specialized training necessary to weld high-quality bandsaw blades.

Please call or email us for more information or if you have any questions.

Saws and Blades

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